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Debiut: 2008/11/18
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« : 05-08-2013 20:08:29 »

Thomas Bainas was born in August 1973 in Westerholt - Herten Germany . He raised in a Greek, Macedonian village on Pierian Mountains, Rizomata.
He went back to Germany for school and after that he lives in Rethymnon-Crete where he studied Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Crete and Programmer & Web Designer.
He plays music professionally as a DJ for the last 20 years, parallel as Keyboardist and Web Designer. 
A self-taught musician, he recalls his first musical instrument, a harmonica, a  gift  acquired at the age of 6 years with which he began his first melodies.

A little later he acquired his first keyboard with his first guitar. 
Began recording his first tunes with a Yamaha psr 410 Synthesizer and using a four-channel tape recorder playing keyboards, guitar, bass while he participated in a group making live in different places . 
With his music,originate from Electronic & Italo / Euro / Synth music of the 80s (Jean Michel Jarre, Dieter Bohlen, Mike Oldfield, Tony Hendrik, Michael Cretu, Kraftwerk, Mauro Farina, Hubert Kah, Roberto Zannetti, Martinelli, and others) created the own style based on strong, nostalgic melodies "dressed" with a different electronic sound and rhythm. 
Has many experimental orchestral works and songs with his lyrics and music.
The album "Electric Storm" are projects that created last year, represent this stigma and musical reference. Melodies and basslines with bright color and rhythm of the 80's but with the perspective of today ..
"Music is my life. I make songs for my pleasure and only...  I let the melodies and sounds to emerge without any affectation. every sound in the universe is a perfect touch to well-tuned orchestra. We are members of this orchestra. "

Thomas Bainas on DISCOGS: http://www.discogs.com/search?q=thomas+bainas&type=all

The most famous songs which he produced:

Thomas Bainas - Blue Eyes (Italo Disco 2013)

Thomas Bainas - Angel of my Heart (Italo Disco 2013)

Tyrants in Therapy - Perfect Love (Thomas Bainas Italo Remix 2013)

I recommend to follow his music progress  Wyluzowany All time he suprising us with new interesting songs productions  Jupi!

* 19.jpg (88.42 KB, 673x451 - wyświetlony 1532 razy.)

* IMG_1107.JPG (640.51 KB, 1551x1197 - wyświetlony 1493 razy.)

* Χωρίς τίτλο.jpg (27.48 KB, 342x126 - wyświetlony 1396 razy.)

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Płeć: Kobieta
Debiut: 2008/11/18
Wiadomości: 567

« Odpowiedz #1 : 30-09-2013 18:09:19 »

The next excellent arrangement of Thomas Bainas is new song made for Tyrants in Therapy - Once Upon A Time , he refresh earley production of TIT from 2009 year. Just was created nice HIT, in Italo Disco Romantic style,  filled with many many passion and love ♥

Once Upon A Time by Tyrants in Therapy

Here is the story of this song, words of Michael Jaye and Thomas Bainas :

If it weren't for Facebook, The Tyrants in Therapy's newest dance record might never have seen the light of day.

"Once Upon A Time" is one of our most romantic songs ever, but it never really worked as a record until Thomas Bainas became involved," says Tyrants' lead singer AbbeAbbe.

Based in part on Beethoven's "Fur Elise, " "Once Upon A Time" was first released in 2009 as a rock song on the Tyrants' High Class Trash cd. But Tyrant Michael was never satisfied with the results.

"Even though I produced it, "Once Upon A Time" was, for me, a beautiful failure. Despite all my best efforts, it never really gelled as a track. I was disappointed because there was something special about the epic scope of the lyrics, and Abbe's vocal was magnificent." says Tyrant Michael.

And the song might have languished in obscurity forever except for a chance Facebook meeting with a DJ/producer from the Greek island of Crete.

In 2012, Thomas Bainas approached the Tyrants on Facebook, and offered to do an Italo Disco remix of "Perfect Love," The Tyrants' newest Hi-NRG dance record.

"Even though it was already out, I agreed to let Thomas do a remix because I loved the music he was releasing in Europe," Tyrant Michael remembers, "So we sent him the sound files of Abbe's vocals, and, lo and behold, he transformed "Perfect Love" into an Italo track that blew us away."

In thanks for his remix efforts, The Tyrants sent Bainas a package of their older cds, including High Class Trash.

"When I listened to High Class Trash, Bainas recalls, "Once Upon A Time” really stood out, and I said to myself, this a masterpiece that can be reinterpreted with a different approach, without losing the originality that makes it so special."

And once again, even though the song had already been released, the Tyrants commissioned Bainas to do an Italo version of "Once Upon A Time."

For Bainas, it was a labor of love that he embarked upon with a passion. "On many nights after DJing, I came home and spent hours searching for sounds, loops, and melodies. I recorded them into the computer with Cubase, using guitar, and synths. Then I mixed wearing my trusty Philips headphones."

As the arrangements came together, emails with "OUAT" in the subject line were flying between Los Angeles and Crete, with mp3s of the song attached.

"Thomas sent us works in progress, and we'd email him feedback as well as we could since we don't speak Greek," says Tyrant Michael. "In a few cases, I proposed what I thought were only minor changes, but Thomas would come up with creative solutions that were different, and in many cases better."

The deeper that Bainas got into TIT's music, the more inspired he became.

"Music should create positive emotions," he says, "It should be like closing your eyes and entering a wonderful new universe. And if our music motivates you onto the dance-floor, your soul will commune with ours in a magical way. Michael's ideas led me to create musical landscapes to surround Abbe's wonderful voice. Michael and Abbe are 'Artists' in the truest sense. This is what they live for, and what I live for too, so perhaps our connecting online was an act of Fate."

And though they have yet to meet in person, the collaborators have forged a bond that spans continents and oceans.

"Thomas's take on "Once Upon A Time" gave me chills the first time I heard it," says AbbeAbbe, "It was new and old, wild and controlled. I never get tired of listening to his "OUAT" club mixes."

On The Tyrants’ Emotional Coathanger Records, "Once Upon A Time" is available on iTunes, Amazon, Cdbaby.com, etc. and through TIT's website at www.tyrantsintherapy.com .

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Płeć: Kobieta
Debiut: 2008/11/18
Wiadomości: 567

« Odpowiedz #2 : 14-10-2013 16:10:07 »

I want introduce very interesting article which wrote Michael Jaye  about our artist from Greece and his new 2nd album.

"Thomas Bainas,  DJ and composer, has produced a steady stream of engaging Italo Disco, but with Passion and Desire he has stepped up his talents to another level.

  The first cut, "The Journey and The Return," sets the tone with a seductive groove of lush keyboards and ethereal strings.
 "Blue Eyes," an international hit in the Italo Disco underground, is awash with stirring neo-classical piano, over which Bainas, in sotto voce, croons a poignant story of lost love.
 "Andromeda," takes the listener on an intergalactic musical journey propelled by a Jean Michel Jarre and Giorgio Moroder-like Euro-boogie groove, while "Angel of my Heart" and "The Passion" features Bainas intoning deeply moving lyrics over a delicious melody.
 Other delights include "Waterfalls," "Sonata" "Dark Desire" , trippy tracks with an unstoppable Italo groove, the memorably sentimental "Ocean Blue," and "Atlantis," which features a majestic melody and haunting vocals by Magi X and finally "Muse from pierian Mountains" and "Perases k eixes sta mallia" two different touches on the work of Bainas.
 Thanks to his prodigious productivity, Thomas Bainas has become an established name around much of the Italo Disco world.
 And with Passion and Desire he has given birth to a 12 song opus of wondrous beauty that is sure to expand his popularity into new corners of the world."
                                                                    Michael Jaye
                                                                    Producer - Composer.  Los Angeles 

   Listen all the songs of the Album ...

Thomas Bainas "Passion and Desire" Full Album Demo 2013

* Order CD and Buy (with Paypal) it from Fm Records  here:
* Buy it On-line mp3) from Amazon:
Amazon.com   Amazon.uk   Amazon.de
(also on Spotify, Rhapsody, iTunes, eMusic a.m.m)

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